What User Errors Can Decrease the Life of Your Transmission?

Many people treat their cars poorly without even realizing it. Not everyone has a background in auto mechanics, so it’s pretty understandable if you don’t know everything about your car, what it can and can’t handle, and how you should be treating it. However, it’s important to learn these things, as mistreating your car can cause serious mechanical problems, and not everything is common sense when it comes to cars.

Even seemingly innocuous errors can wreak havoc on your car’s transmission, which might be more prone to damage than you think. If you want to avoid some major hassles, here are some things to stop doing when it comes to your transmission.

  • Not Checking Your Transmission Regularly

The signs of a problem may not be apparent right away, but if you monitor your   transmission carefully, you may be able to catch a potential issue in the nascent stages, which should make it easier and cheaper to fix. So, look at your   transmission regularly. Make sure the fluid isn’t burnt or otherwise damaged, that there’s enough of it, and that nothing else looks amiss.

  • Using the Wrong Transmission Fluid

Not every car takes the same kind of transmission fluid, so use only what your car’s manufacturer recommends. Some newer brands of transmission fluid may come with bigger price tags, but may offer better protection of your transmission, which makes them worth the extra money.

In addition, synthetic fluids often last longer and are more resistant to cold and other potentially harmful things, so look into them, but make sure they’ll work with your car first.

  • Letting Your Transmission Overheat

The vast majority of transmission problems stem from too much heat, so make sure to do everything you can to avoid overheating your transmission. Hot weather, insufficient fluid levels, racing, and driving in stop and go traffic are all potential sources of transmission overheating, so drive responsibly and exercise caution when it comes to heat and your transmission.

  • Overloading Your Car

Your car may be strong, but it can only handle so much. If you constantly load your car with an excessive amount of weight, it can put a lot of extra stress on your transmission, potentially causing it to overheat.

  • Not Warming Up the Transmission

While you definitely don’t want your transmission to overheat, you also don’t want to drive while it’s frozen, either. If you’re driving while it’s cold out, make sure to let your car run for about thirty seconds to a minute before you actually start driving. This will let your transmission warm up enough to run effectively.

  • Rocking When You’re Stuck

If you ever find yourself stuck in mud, snow, or anything else, try to avoid rocking. While it may seem like the obvious way to get your car out of whatever it’s stuck in, rocking can actually put a lot of strain on your transmission. If you absolutely must rock, do it as gently as possible. Ideally, if you get stuck, call for help.

If you notice problems with your transmission, or any other part of your car, contact Twin Automotive today for car repairs in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.