Warning: These 5 mistakes can ruin your transmission

A transmission problem can spoil a whole day and can be very expensive. Sometimes, a repair will not be of any help and the transmission has to be rebuilt. Although some of the problems can come about due to old age, there are things that you can do to ensure perfect maintenance of your car’s transmission. Below find the top five mistakes that you can avoid so as not to ruin your transmission.

Heat is an enemy to your car transmission

Why would you even think of overheating your car in the first place? This means that you have gone beyond the maximum temperature allowed. Apart from going above the allowed maximum temperature, you can kill the transmission by operating with low levels of transmission fluid. Since the right level of fluid ensures that the internal parts are well lubricated and maintaining the right temperatures, low fluid levels can lead to a breakdown. The consequences of overheating might not be clear at first, but one thing you should know is the lifespan of your transmission is reduced when the fluids are constantly low.

Transmission fluid

It could be that you are asking what transmission fluid can do to harm the transmission. You should always ensure that you maintain the proper fluid levels, you use the right fluid and it should be changed as per the manual provided by the automobile owner. Not changing the fluid is a mistake that should always be avoided since the fluid becomes dirty with time and has particles that can interrupt its operations. Automatic transmission fluid is different from a manual transmission.

Emergency brakes

Anything can happen on the road and you need to be prepared. If you are lucky enough, you can make an abrupt stop and not roll over or cause an accident. Emergency brakes are not only a danger to you and others on the road, but it is also a danger to your transmission. This causes trouble to your transmission mounts. If you could not avoid the abrupt stop, make sure that you check on the transmission mounts after.

Exceeding the towing limit

During towing, some things done can damage the transmission of the car. When towing your car over the maximum limit, you stress the transmission which causes some parts to slip. Not towing the recommended towing limit leads to wear and tear of the clutch as well as overheating. Before towing, check the owner’s manual for specifications otherwise, you will have trouble with the transmission.

Not maintaining the car

There is an owner’s manual that is found in any car from the factory indicating how often the transmission should be serviced. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not make a maintenance mistake that could lead to a bad mechanical breakdown. If the manual indicates that every time you change the transmission fluid you also change the filter, make sure that you adhere to this. Not following the owner’s manual is a grave mistake that should be avoided at any cost.