Common Transmission Problems and Ways to Prevent Them

When it comes to the best transmission shop near me in Charlotte, NC, I can honestly recommend Twin Transmission. We offer full diagnostic testing and outstanding repair service, as well as incredible customer service. Although we can help identify a potential problem with your vehicle’s transmission, there are also things that you can look for.

All you need to know are the basics, which will allow you to detect something that might be wrong. For any transmission problem, you can rely on the services that we provide at Twin Transmission. For the past 30 years, we have been entrusted with thousands of vehicles experiencing a wide range of transmission-related problems.

Remember, a small amount of prevention will go a long way in stopping a small problem from becoming something big. By knowing the telltale signs, you have the opportunity to take quick and appropriate action.

For starters, check the ground where you park your vehicle on a regular basis. You need to look for any dark-colored stains or standing fluid. If you see this, there is a good chance that your transmission has a leak. You need to bring your vehicle to us so that the proper repair can be made.

It is also imperative that you have the transmission fluid changed regularly. Although the manufacturer of your vehicle will recommend a certain schedule, because only 65% of the fluid is changed during maintenance, the fluid should actually be changed more often. If not, this fluid will begin to burn and become ineffective. At our transmission shop in Charlotte, NC, we provide fluid flushes and changes for a nominal fee.

Something else to know is that whenever your vehicle is moving forward, the gears should never be shifted to park or reverse. If you do this, you will hear a grinding sound. In addition, the vehicle will likely lurch. Worse yet, this can easily cause significant damage to the overall transmission system.

In the same token, never mechanically force the gears to shift. Although you might be in a hurry, you want to avoid forcing the gears to shift from park to reverse or drive. A great way to prevent this from happening is by placing one foot on the brake when shifting.

By knowing what to look for, you can get your vehicle in for service so that it runs smoothly. Of course, if you suspect a problem or want professional diagnostic testing performed, we would be delighted to have you visit us at Twin Transmission, the best transmission shop in Charlotte and the surrounding area.