Transmission Overheating, What do to do


You have probably heard it a million times and you’ll probably hear it a million more times… transmission problems are the worst. There is nothing more universally hated than having to deal with transmission issues, and for a good reason. Transmission repairs are tough for the one dealing with the repair and they are tough on your wallet. There are also so many different things that could potentially be wrong with your transmission that it’s hard to keep track of it all. From clunking, shaking, and feeling like it’ll all fall apart… it’s all very overwhelming. So, what if you’re dealing with one specific problem in general, like overheating? Sometimes it’s out of our control, like when we’re stuck in heavy traffic. Other time, we may have ignored the problem for quite some time and we’re paying the price. Let’s go over some tips on what you should do if your transmission is overheating.


If you do notice your transmission is overheating, the first thing you should do is check your fluid levels. Wait for the car to cool down, get into the thick of it and check to see that you are filled to the right amount. Not having enough transmission fluid means that there isn’t any proper lubrication to allow the multiple components of the transmission to move properly. If the fluid levels seem to check out, you should look at the quality of the transmission fluid. If you’re seeing a bunch of black stuff floating around, then you should switch out the fluid entirely. Contaminated fluid will only cause more harm to your transmission. Another tip is to make sure you’re adding the right type of transmission fluid, because not doing so will increase your frustration. Whether or not the fluid is contaminated, you will still want to change the fluid regularly. Doing so is just part of the proper maintenance that a car needs to run for as long as possible.
The radiator in your car is in charge of cooling your transmission. To do that, it needs the proper coolant. Making sure that coolant levels are sufficient to cool your car is important to avoiding overheating. If you know that you’re leaking coolant or you don’t have sufficient levels of coolant, you should definitely consider staying home on those hot summer days. They will be your worst enemy for the rest of the summer, so making sure your car is equipped to battle what the sun throws at you is a good idea. If your car continues to overheat or leak coolant, then you should get in contact with a local mechanic right away. Choose one that will give you a fair price and one that you feel you’d be happy to come back to. Finding a mechanic that you trust is something that should be done by all car owners, because the process of finding a mechanic can be daunting. We all need our “go-to-guy” for those moments when our cars get sick.