Three Reasons to Hire a Transmission Specialist


Transmissions are not something most people think about very often. They are not the most commonly thought of component of the vehicle, until they stop working properly. That is when you will learn all about all of the missed symptoms of a problem you have and just how expensive rebuilding a transmission can be. In short, it’s not something you likely want to talk to your technician about very often. However, when it does happen and you find yourself struggling with repair needs, it is always best to turn to a transmission specialist over any other type of mechanic. In doing so, you will properly protect your investment long term. Why do you need a specialist over a mechanic?

Your Manufacturer May Require It

If you have a warranty in place on your car, you may still have coverage for your transmission. You will need to use a transmission specialist specifically or you could risk having your vehicle’s warranty terminated. In short, you will need to turn to a company that has ample certification in this area, not just some experience. This can ultimately help you to ensure your warranty remains in place long term.

Certification Gives You Confidence

Let’s be clear, here. Most transmission repairs are due to a lack of maintenance or not getting help as soon as you notice the problem. What you need when hiring a transmission specialist is someone who can get your car back to the best possible working order. You also need to know that once the work is complete, that professional is going to be able to help you keep the problem from happening again. Transmission repairs are expensive, even when they are not too intensive. For this reason alone, you need a professional that you can ensure is doing the job properly the first time so that you do not need to worry about it later.

You Need a Warranty

Not all mechanics will provide a warranty on their workmanship and that is a problem. Again, transmission work is expensive. When it starts to go wrong and problems arise, not only do you risk needing repairs again, but those problems can impact other areas of the car, including the engine. Transmission specialists, who know and do a great job on repairs, are happy to offer a long term warranty on their services and workmanship. This is especially important in the more invasive process of rebuilding a transmission. You need to know the company is going to be able to get the vehicle running at its best and then provide a warranty for that work.

When you find that you need transmission repairs, turn to only a certified company that specializes in transmissions. These professionals should have training and experience with the make and model of your car. And, they should have all of the equipment and time to dedicate to getting your car back to working at its best possible level so you don’t have to worry about additional repairs later.