Sounds that indicate a transmission problem

Some of the transmission problems can be determined by sounds, odor, looking and even feeling. Although no one would like to hear a burning smell from their car, strange sounds happens to be even worse. There are all manner of sounds that one can hear depending with the problem itself. The car should run smoothly at anytime of the day. These sounds may vary depending with the kind of transmission (manual or automatic), the model and the make of the car. Below here are some of the most disturbing sounds that indicate a transmission is having a problem that needs to be fixed. If any of the below problem is noticed, it is advisable that you immediately get it diagnosed and treated.

Rattling or screeching

One of the other sounds that should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed is the rattling or the screeching of the torque converter. A damaged torque converter leads to a grinding sound when shifting gears. When you hear the grinding sound from underneath the car, it should be looked at by an expert as soon as possible to determine whether the torque converter is damaged. Its damaging can lead to some of the major transmission problems that might lead to not only a transmission repair, but also a rebuild. A faulty torque converter makes a lot of noise when the engine is still running.

Humming or clunking

Clunking is one of the most common sounds that a faulty transmission can emit. This humming or whining sound normally happens when you shift gears or simply trying to engage a different one. It also happens that the car is not accelerating as much as the engine sounds. The problem could be with the gearbox. If no major mechanical issue is diagnosed, a transmission flush can help in fixing the unresponsiveness.

Shaking or grinding

We all know that a car should neither shake nor grind at anytime of the day. If the car is juddering, grinding or shaking, this means that the gears have problems that must be repaired. For an automatic transmission, it starts as if it is wiggling while for a manual one is louder.

Clanging or bumping

Some of the strange sounds that are emitted by a car transmission can be fixed with ease. Clanging or bumping is a sound that the transmission makes when the car is in neutral. Although the car might have to be examined by a professional, some quick fixes including changing the transmission fluid or adding some fluid can help. A noisy transmission in neutral only needs a minor transmission repair and not a rebuild. You will find it is quite affordable to fix the issue.

Gear slipping 

Sometimes you might hear a gear slip while on the road driving. Apart from being a transmission problem, it is also a major safety concern as this can cause a terrible accident. When this happens, you hear a slipping sound like the gear has automatically shifted itself and the speed changes at once.