Signs Your Car Needs a Transmission Rebuild

A transmission in a car needs to always be in top working order. When it is not, it can cause a number of different problems. Transmission repairs can range from easy to hard, but the true test lies in a transmission rebuild. The work is extensive, making it a costly fix. But, of your mechanic suggests it, it is worth the money to keep your car in safe working order.

1. You Are Experiencing Difficulties Shifting Gears

Gears play an important role in the overall working of your car’s transmission. When they are not working the way that they are supposed to, that is the first sign of trouble. You will know if your car is experiencing difficulty shifting if it hesitates when you first try to put it in gear. It may also be falling out of gear by itself as you are driving or shift for no real reason. You should also be watching for a jerky feel as you shift from gear to gear. While this alone may not be a sign of needing a full transmission rebuild, it is something you need to get checked out by your trusted mechanic.

2. If Your Car is Making Noises That it Should Not Be

One of the telltale signs of a transmission problem is when you begin hearing unusual noises, such as whining, buzzing, or clunky type noises. These noises may happen more while driving, but if they start happening while your car is in neutral, it is important that you get it checked out. Again. This alone is not necessarily a sign of needing a transmission rebuild alone,  when it is combined with other problems it very well could be the way to solve the problem.

3. If Transmission Fluid is Burnt or Looks Cloudy

Healthy transmission fluid should be bright red and sweet smelling. When the color starts to darken and smell less than sweet, you should have it checked out as that means there is a problem. So, do not hesitate in getting it looke !  at by your mechanic.
4. When Your Transmission is Leaking

A leaky transmission will keep you low on fluids, which are essential to keep your transmission working well. When you see splotches of red fluid on your driveway, under where you car had been parked, that is a sure sign of a leak. While it is not a sign of extreme danger, if you ignore it, things can get relatively bad.

Alone, these things might not be enough to consider a transmission rebuild. But if you are frequently running into problems or are facing multiple at a time, then it may to time for a rebuild. Talk to your trusted mechanic, who specializes in automatic transmissions about the course of action that should be taken. Twin Transmission in Charlotte, NC offers a number of transmission services, including rebuilds that come with a 3-year warranty. They are trusted by the public so if you live in the area, swing by to see what they have to say.