Problems That Often Arise with Transmissions

When it comes to transmission repairs and rebuilds, Twin Transmission is considered the best transmission shop in Charlotte, NC, and beyond. Keep in mind that when a transmission is rebuilt, unique problems can develop. Of course, the exact type and severity of the problem will depend on various factors, such as the make and model of vehicle.

For example, a rebuilt transmission can begin to leak fluid. Although this occurs for different reasons, it is often related to worn valves. If you notice fluid where you park your vehicle, it is important that you come see us at Twin Transmission right away. By doing so, we can repair the problem quickly before it turns into something major.

Another problem that we see at our transmission shop in Charlotte has to do with the gears slipping. If you notice the gears slipping while you drive, again, this is something that needs to be checked right away. Not only is this extremely aggravating, slipping gears puts you at potential risk for having an accident. At Twin Transmission, we can perform diagnostic testing and then make the appropriate repair.

With a rebuilt transmission, it is relatively common to feel a jerking motion when taking off in drive. For some reason, there are people who choose to ignore the issue and continue driving. However, this only makes the problem worse, sometimes to the point of the entire transmission failing. Simply bring your vehicle to us at Twin Transmission, and our skilled mechanics can provide you with a proper diagnosis.

Probably one of the most unnerving problems is when the check engine light comes on. If you are like most people, your mind immediately thinks of the worst-case scenario, and you starting searching for a “Charlotte, NC, transmission shop near me” on Google. In reality, this light may illuminate for something minor. However, unless you allow our mechanics to conduct diagnostic testing, you will never know.

There is also the chance with a rebuilt transmission that your vehicle will not turn, even if you have the wheels turned in the correct direction. This is something that happens when power going to the wheels is inadequate. To fix the problem and get you back on the road, we welcome your visit to Twin Transmission.

Regardless of the make and model of vehicle that you drive, if the transmission has been rebuilt and problems develop, you can count on us. As a dedicated transmission shop serving Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding area, we always strive to exceed expectations.

Transmission Repair Video

On this video, we can see the disassembly of a 2006 4L60E transmission. The most common failure on these units is 3rd clutch burnup, the reaction sun shell, and the 2-4 band. Failure on these transmissions is not necessary the way it is treated, rather is these common or pattern failures. Valve body wear is also another issue and can be corrected installing a correction kit of your choice.