Obvious Signs of Transmission Problems



If you dread waking up every morning and having to get in your car for work, I feel your pain. I’ve been there, to the point where your friends don’t bother asking you to drive anywhere and they offer to just pick you up. Let’s face it, your car has suddenly become a deathtrap to those around you. The shaking, rattling, and clunking coming from your car sounds as if there are two bears fighting under it, and it can be quite a frightening experience. The signs of transmission problems can be quite obvious and as equally terrifying. Everyone dreads having transmission issues, but no one ever thinks about the symptoms. Amazingly, some choose to ignore it and drive the car until it gives. I don’t recommend that option, because there may be cheaper solutions than buying a whole new car altogether. First think you should educate yourself on are what the signs of transmission problems might be.


The first would be one of the most obvious, the noises that your car is making in between shifts. It’s as if your car is crying out for help and you’re ignoring the poor thing, how dare you? You should definitely take your car in for a look by a professional if you are experiencing any sort of noise in between shifts. This could potentially lead to more startling symptoms of transmission problems. Another thing about transmissions is that the longer you wait to get them fixed, the bigger the problem may be in the end. Do yourself a favor and get some help with this problem, you’ll thank me later.


This next sign of transmission trouble is if your car suddenly feels like riding a roller coaster. When driving, if you’re experiencing rough and shaky shifts, most likely from 1st to 2nd gear, then you’ve got yourself a bit of a transmission problem. The cause can range from simple fluid problems, to some more technical and serious issues. There are a few guides online to help guide you through diagnosing your problem, but you can only be sure by taking it to a mechanic. I know I may have said that a lot already, but they are the best at giving you specific diagnoses of your car. You don’t diagnose yourself based off of WebMD, do you? Ok, you might… we all do from time to time; but, we eventually go to the doctor and he sets us straight. A proper professional will do the same for you!
The next obvious sign of transmission trouble is gear shifting. If your car is slipping into gears, without you accelerating or hitting the break, then you’ve got yourself some transmissions woes. You definitely shouldn’t run through the 6 with these, but instead take it to a mechanic that you trust. Gear shifting can cause abrupt changes in speed and could cause accidents if not enough space is given between you and the vehicle to your front/rear. Again, all of these are just symptoms. You can never be 100% certain of the causes unless you seek out a professional.