How to Handle a Total Transmission Shutdown



So you’re transmission has just failed and whether you are on the side of the road or just pulling out of the drive way the important thing you should begin to do is to not  panic. After checking out your car you might have come to the conclusion that your transmission has failed which means that you are now stuck. The best thing you can do for your car is to shut off your vehicle entirely so no more problems can occur.


You next step is to get your car to the nearest transmission specialist which means you’re  going to have to call a tow truck to come to deliver your vehicle to a shop. Any towing company can work however before you set off in one direction make sure to do your research on the local towing companies and possible deals they may have with any transmission specialists. You might be heading to a company that provides free towing. Once your car has been all hooked up it’s time to head to the nearest specialist.


By heading directly to a transmission specialist, you are going to cut out all of the unnecessary conversations with auto shops that will be unhelpful to you and what your car needs. By having a shop in mind you can also prepare yourself by calling ahead to the shop so you have less waiting to do. A specialist is also going to be able to understand what was happening to your car right before the transmission shut down.


When you are finally talking with a transmission specialist they are going to ask you what kind of sounds your car was making, how was it for you when you were shifting gears and other issues like that to try to get an idea of what was happening when it shut down. The issues r sounds you might have been hearing with your vehicle might not mean much to you but to a specialist they are getting to know more about your car and the possible issues it may have had.


Now is the time for the specialist to do their work. They are going to look over your transmission to discuss if they need to do repairs or a replacement. The transmission specialist is also going to try to figure out why your transmission failed and if there is something you can do to prevent these problems. Once the diagnosis is complete, you will be taken through the problems in your transmission and then the pricing for a complete repair job.


These prices can vary depending on the type of issues your transmission was going through. However, in the end the price of the repair is going to be dealt with between you and your specialist.


Once you have left your vehicle with the transmission repair specialist you’ll have peace of mind knowing your car is in save hands. The issues and fears you might have felt when your transmission had failed is now a thing of the past as your car is not beginning its healing stages. Soon enough your car will be all fixed up and ready to go.