Four Signs Your Transmission Has Had It


When your car is starting to malfunction, you might have a problem with your transmission. A transmission problem can be caused by many things from a low transmission fluid level to a transmission fluid leak. If your car hasn’t been in use for a while or maybe you just haven’t noticed the problem until recently your transmission in Charlotte might be at the end of its rope.

If you are still questioning the state of your transmission here are four signs your transmission has had it. The list below is going to contain the most common automatic transmission causes as well as sounds and symptoms that can be felt with your car.

  1. Transmission Fluid Leak
  2. Transmission Slipping
  3. Hard and Erratic Shifting
  4. Torque Converter going bad

Transmission Fluid Leak

When you are dealing with a transmission fluid leak your car is going to have a low fluid level which you can usually identify from the symptoms of hard or erratic shifts, transmission overheating and transmission failure. With a fluid leak causing a low fluid level your problems are going to begin and end with finding the source of the leak and repairing it. Depending on the size of the leak and the amount of damage around it, the repair can vary in costs however by ignoring the problem you might have a bigger repair bill coming your way.

The causes of a transmission fluid leak are a usually from damages in the cooler line, a damages O-ring or broken seals. Many of these problems are small but can really do a number on your transmission if they are not properly replaced or installed. By making rounds on your transmission and all of its innards there is going to be a less likely chance of the fluid leak going unnoticed for more than a few days.

Transmission Slipping

When your transmission is slipping your cars symptoms can be identified by the engines RPMs being higher than normal when you are pressing on the gas pedal. Your car can also experience delayed gear changes and transmission overheating. All of these problems with your transmission slipping are likely because of low or old fluid, worn friction clutches and/or failed solenoids. Many of these problems can be looked at and fixed by an expert once they have diagnosed the cause of the slipping

Hard and Erratic Shifting

If you are having a hard time shifting your car then you probably have transmission problems. If the transmission is downshifting when it shouldn’t, has no forward or backwards gears or even slips out of gear when it shouldn’t then there’s a serious problem. Most shifting issues are caused by low fluid levels, open electric circuits, or other internal problems which can cause pressure loss. Many of these problems can also be fixed by a professional after they have diagnosed the shift problems.

Torque Converter going bad

If your vehicle is starting to shudder and whine at the start up you might have a torque converter going bad. Other symptoms may include the vehicle moving at a higher rev than usual, delayed shifts, an uneasy start up that improves as the engine and transmission warm up. If you are experiencing problems with your torque converter it’s possible it’s in the process of failing as a torque converter can start to fail for weeks before it completely fails. However, by driving with a failing torque converter you are diminishing the time it takes before it completely fails. These issues are usually solved with a new torque converter replaced by a professional.

If you feel, your car is experiencing any of these issues with the transmission it’s likely that you need to have a diagnostic run on the transmission before anything is set in stone. Issues with your transmission can vary from small problems to big issues and the only way to make it worse is to ignore the signs from your car