5 Ways to determine if your transmission is the cause of your car trouble

Mechanical problems are some of the most stressing things in life. A car can just stall in the middle of nowhere when the tires are in good shape and the fuel tank is full. A car problem can be an impossible task to deal with. There are issues that you can have with your car that is only brought by the transmission. It is always advisable to pay attention to details when it comes to your car transmission. Below, find five ways that you can determine if your transmission is the cause of your car problems.

Burning smell

If you are driving your car and you notice a burning smell, this could be a problem with your transmission. It also happens when you are changing speeds. The transmission fluid is meant to cool off the parts and lubricate them at the same time but it can overheat resulting in a burning odor. When you smell this, consider having your transmission checked to avoid a major breakdown which can be quite expensive to repair. This could lead to having to rebuild the transmission if not repaired.

Unusual noises

Unusual sounds and behaviors while driving can also mean that the transmission is in trouble. The car can be quite noisy at any time even while in neutral with sounds such as clunking or whining will ensue. It can also tend to “jump” when accelerating or changing speed. This happens especially to automatic cars which should be very smooth when shifting gears. If this happens, make sure that the transmission is checked.

Engagement delay

If you are trying to engage gears and the car will not respond or is having delays responding, then this means that the trouble is probably with the transmission. While the auto transmission shows such a problem while in “P” or “D” mode, a manual transmission car will show this while shifting gears. Other issues can be gears falling out while driving, grinding sound, jerking while shifting gears and gear shifting for no good reason.

Car stalling for no reason

Sometimes a car will just stall for no apparent reason. Many have reported that their cars have stalled at stop signs and even while in park. This can be caused by the transmission fluid not being up to the required levels. When the fluid is low, the transmission will stall and the fluid needs to be checked right away.

Leaking fluids

Maybe you are in your driveway and you notice some fluid on the ground as you back your car out. It does not matter whether the fluid is bright red, brown or dark red, this means that there is a leakage in the transmission which should not be happening. Do not rush to refill the transmission with fluid, but head to your mechanic or service provider to diagnose the problem correctly. The specialist can opt to repair the transmission by replacing the transmission lines before it gets worse and requires you to do a whole transmission rebuild.