4 telltale signs that your transmission is in trouble

With the transmission being one of the most vital parts of every car, there are many troubles that can befall it and this only means that the car will not function at all or properly. A mechanical breakdown due to the transmission is one of the worst experiences. Transmission warning light, rough shifts, transmission slipping and delayed engagements are some of the problems that a transmission can experience. Repairing or rebuilding a transmission can be a pain in the wallet and thus it should be checked on regularly. Below, are four main signs that your transmission is in trouble.

Rough shifts

A transmission without issues allows for gears to shift without issues. Well if this is not happening, then the transmission has a problem. This happens with the manual cars that you have to keep changing gears on. The gears will not change smoothly or will not change at all even when you do it the right way. Sometimes you can even hear an unfamiliar sound when you try to change the gears which can be brought about by a breakdown in fluid viscosity or low fluid levels among other issues. Delayed engagement in automatic transmissions also shows that the car is having an issue with the transmission especially when changing from “Park” to “Drive”.

Transmission warning light

Technology is currently thanked for so many things in today’s modern world. Just like the “Check Engine light” every transmission warning light shows that the transmission is having a problem or there is an upcoming problem. Some of these problems cannot be diagnosed by just looking at the warning light and that is why there are parts like computers in the car that are designed to detect upcoming mechanical problems. This should not be ignored as it can be quite costly if the diagnosis is delayed. Any specific issue can only be determined at the mechanic’s shop and since you cannot really tell what the problem is by looking at the warning light, take your car to the expert.

Transmission fluid leak

Every transmission is designed in a way that it should not leak fluid. If there is any leakage on the engine or on the ground when driving, this means that there is a problem. It could be that the transmission fluid was overfilled or there is a leakage that could mean a bigger problem. If this is happening to your car whether from a service or not, do not ignore it, instead make sure that you visit an auto service shop or a car expert right away.

Weird noises

There are familiar noises that we get from our cars and if there is any unfamiliar noise which is not external, this could mean that the transmission is in trouble. Transmissions should be silent meaning that no wheezing, clunking or groaning should be coming out of it. The noises can be noticed at any time even while in neutral and the car is on. To avoid bigger mechanical breakdown problems from the noises with your car, take your car for a check-up.